Jul 10

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6 Reasons To Love Wonton Wrappers


These Broccoli and Cheese Mini "Cupcakes" are the perfect size for little hands!

  It's official. Wontons wrappers are quickly becoming one of my favorite things to cook with. Intimidated? Fear not! If you can roll up a burrito then you can conquer wontons. And these little things are AMAZING!  Sure they're cheap, easy to work with, and toddler friendly. That's a given.  

But here are 6 more reasons why wonton wrappers have become a staple in my kitchen.

1. They fit easily into mini muffin tins.


2. They help create the perfect portion size for little bellies.


3. I'm able to bake large batches at once so my time spent in the kitchen is more efficient.


4. They are quick to defrost and perfect for a "grab and go" meal.


5. Once you understand the method there are so many variations to try.

For a great starter recipe check out my Broccoli and Cheese Mini "Cupcakes"

Filling with ground turkey works great!

But most importantly?

6. Ella LOVES them!

Ella loves them!    

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