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Dealing with Distance: When the Ones You Love Live Far Far Away

Distance sucks no matter how you slice it.
It doesn’t matter whether it’s your spouse, your friends, or your parents, when the people you love live so far away it can cause some major heartache. And when a parent just happens to be your best friend too? Well that can really suck too. So since my mom and I have live 2000 miles apart we both have to make a constant effort to connect. It’s definitely not easy but it’s worth it. Over the years I’ve also become pretty creative on ways to connect with my far away family that I love so very much. They may be out of sight but they’re never out of mind.

My Four S’s For Staying Connected

Snail mail. Whether it’s a card, photo postcard (my favorite) or random keepsake you’ve found, sending something the old school way is an easy and cheap way to make someone’s day.
Gmailing with Daddy from far far away.

Gmailing with Daddy from far far away.

Skype. Or Gmail. Or Facetime. It doesn’t matter which one you choose just DO IT! If you didn’t live so far away from each other you’d make plans for coffee, right? Plan it the same way just with a webcam! Need an honest opinion on a new hairstyle? Or help choosing which dress wear? Regardless if you need feedback or just want to see their smiling face, connecting this way is one of the simplest. Surprises. Okay, so some of us love surprises and some of us dread them. Surprises don’t always have to be major though. And they don’t have to be expensive either. Take photos for an example. Ever order prints to your local pharmacy and pick them up later that day? Well what if you sent photos to their pharmacy. Just search find the closest store (CVS, Walgreens, etc.) online and order the prints to be picked up there. A quick text/call to your mom and she can pick up a handful of your personalized photos on her way home from work! Support. Since its difficult to be a part of each other’s life physically, it’s important to stay honest and open with each other. Try to letting your guard down and let them into your world! Listen to them when they need to lean on you and make the effort to reach out to them when you’re struggling. It might be scary but take the risk.

These people are your family. And family is forever.

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