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Healing Foods for Little Ones

When Your Little Ones are Feeling Sick

 As a parent there's nothing worse than a sick child.  It is so hard when I see my daughter in pain and I'm unable to make her feel better.  So when I begin to notice that she isn't feeling 100% I start frantically looking for anything I can give her that would help.  Below are some of my favorite and most effective foods.


Sometimes just getting them to eat is a challenge.

Sometimes just getting them to eat is a challenge.

Fever - warm veggie broths, mashed potatoes, pudding

Colds – Chicken soup, eggs, yogurt, apple sauce

Sore Throat Soup, broth, warm water, yogurt, semi frozen fruit puree.

Teething - frozen bagel pieces to chew,

Diarrhea -  Oatmeal (or rice cereal for a smoother texture), cooked vegetables, bananas, soups

Constipation Unpeeled fruits (pears work great!), beans, sweet potatoes, prune and apple puree.


 Most importantly (regardless of what type of bug they're fighting) make sure your little one is drinking fluids. Getting plenty of fluids (even via tiny sips throughout the day) is also important and is especially restorative when they are sick.  If your little ones refuses to drink try serving them foods with a high water content, like small pieces of ripe cantaloupe or watermelon. You can also give them an oral re-hydration solution (like Pedialyte) when dealing with a fever or persistent diarrhea.

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