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The soul behind the site.

  My world changed completely when I relocated to a small Colorado mountain town two years ago. Now I'm a full-time mama to a beautiful little girl and a fiancée to a hard-working firefighter.
  Being a Mom is amazing but the transition was more challenging than I expected. The days can be long and lonely here and there are only a few structured activities that were both baby-friendly and close by.
Love beyond measure.

Love beyond measure.

Ella was six months old when I started looking at my challenges from a more positive perspective. I realized that I could use this time as an opportunity to finally explore some of my passions: photography, cooking, and fine arts.
  And with that SoulSHINING was born.  Its packed with inspiring ways I've found to take care of myself and my family despite isolation and crazy weather.  It's a way of reflecting and sharing my story with other parents.
  And when daily struggles get me down it's reminded me how absolutely amazing parenthood can be.

So blessed.


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