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Feel Good Food

As a parent it is so important for you and your children to eat right. Your family's health depends on it. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR - ACV is a powerful cleansing and healing elixir – its a naturally occurring antibiotic and antiseptic that fights germs, bacteria, mold and viruses. Just 2 Tbsp everyday can aid in digestion and improve overall health. BROCCOLI- You'll find it difficult to locate another single food source with as much naturally occurring health-promoting properties as broccoli. A single cup of steamed broccoli provides more than 200 percent of the RDA for vitamin C (more than oranges), nearly as much of vitamin K, and about half of the daily allowance for vitamin A, along with plentiful folate, fiber, sulfur, iron, B vitamins, and a whole host of other important nutrients. Calorie for calorie, broccoli contains about twice the amount of protein as steak -- and a lot more protective phyto-nutrients.
Tomatoes + spinach + coconut oil = an amazing sauce, spread, or simple salad

Tomatoes + spinach + coconut oil = an amazing sauce, spread, or simple salad

COCONUT OIL - Full of healthy fats, coconut oil adds great flavor to almost any dish! LEMON - Add some freshly squeezed lemon to your water every morning!  It helps detoxify your liver so it can spend more energy on cleaning up your skin, hair, etc. TOFU-Tofu packs quite the punch when it comes to providing protein and calcium for your little one. It's also high in antioxidants. Since feeding toddlers can be challenging, its amazing how much tofu you can sneak into meals without them knowing. The trick is blending into sauces and textures they already like.  There are two basic types of tofu out there: silken and extra firm.  I prefer using silken tofu because it is easy to blend. Try pureeing it into a red sauce next time you have pasta. Or blend it with berries and/or banana for a nutrient-packed breakfast for you and your little one! PEARS - high in fiber and great at relieving constipation. SPINACH - Spinach protects against eye disease and vision loss; it's good for brain function; it guards against colon, prostate, and breast cancers; it protects against heart disease, stroke, and dementia; it lowers blood pressure; it's anti-inflammatory; and it's great for bone health. Spinach is packed with nutrients, including high amounts of vitamin K, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, folate, magnesium, and iron.  

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