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Traveling with a Baby – Survival Guide

Our first weekend getaway as a family.  We were gone for a mere 72 hours.

Our first weekend getaway as a family. We were gone for a mere 72 hours.

Whether its driving, flying, or hopping on a train, traveling with your little one can become one of the most stressful things you attempt as a family. There have been times when I've cried more than my baby. It hasn't been easy but Ella and I are slowly becoming better travel companions to each other. This is how we survived. Hope it helps! 1. Book nonstop flights whenever possible. 2. Bring food that will take them a lot of time to eat.  Frozen Bagel pieces, puffs, my Banana Apple Teething Biscuits, etc. 3. Try not to feed your little ones meals in their car seat. Not only is it uncomfortable for them, but eating in a reclined position can increase gas and reflux.
No more "carry-on only" lines for us!

No more "carry-on only" lines for us!

4. A bag full of must haves. . . . - Change of clothes for them and you - A handful of plastic links to connect toys with child or books with seats. - Lightweight unbreakable mirror. You'll be surprised how much entertainment it provides. - A clip for her pacifier and a second one for her bottle. - Puppets! Even ones made from paper bags. 5. Got some extra time? Find an escalator! And go up and down, down and up, and repeat. 6. Bath toys make great travel toys! They're lightweight, unbreakable, inexpensive, and can be used in the tub at the hotel! And if you lose one? No big deal. Most bath toys aren't more than a couple of dollars. 7. Is your little one starting to walk? A push toy (although bulky) can sometimes be the most important thing to pack. It allow them mobility without your help (a moment of sanity!) and it gives them the independence they wouldn't have otherwise. Added Bonus: Great to use in airports because it will also wear them out! Best $5 I've spent in a while1 Traveling with a toddler? Try finding an Etch a Sketch!

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