Jun 30

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“What do you mean you don’t want it?!” What to do when your picky eater doesn’t want the meal you’ve made.

"Please just try it?" We've all been there. And when you put in so much time and love into what you cook them, it can be crushing when they won’t even taste it. All that time and energy wasted? Don’t give up just yet. Below are some of my favorite "fast fixes" for my picky eater.
Serve it with a smile! Changing utensils might help too.

Serve it with a smile! Changing utensils might help too.

1. Try putting unwanted veggies in a pita and using a pizza cuter to transform them into mini slices! 2. Mashed or diced fruit? Stir in some plain full-fat yogurt and top with cereal (Ella is really digging Chex right now). 3. Stuff chicken, ground turkey, or beef between small tortillas and turn into mini quesadillas. You can also add a veggie puree to make them more nutritious! 4. Is it a pasta or rice dish that they don’t want? Mix what you have with a touch of cheese, and some finely diced veggies and spoon mixture into coated mini muffin tin cups. Bake at 350 for 10 minutes and voila! Something new! Hopefully your toughest critic will love the new texture and presentation!  

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